Subsurface Insights: providing tools for subsurface process characterization and monitoring

Hanford 2013 intrusion Subsurface processes affect climate, groundwater, contaminant behaviour, agriculture and engineered structures. Novel approaches and tools are needed which both can increase our understanding of these processes and enable effective manipulation of these processes. These tools should produce timely and actionable information on subsurface processes through the integration of physical, chemical and biological data with predictive numerical models.

Subsurface Insights has as its mission the production and provision (both for research and commercial application) of these tools. Subsurface Insights is currently developing these tools in collaboration with universities and national laboratories. This development uses state of the art software frameworks and leverages open source software tools and US federally funded research efforts.

At the 2014 Waste Management meeting Subsurface Insights introduced its cloud based electrical geophysical monitoring software. Other products are expected to be released in the 2nd half of 2014. In addition to these products Subsurface Insights provides customized solutions for autonomous geophysical and geological data acquisition, data management, processing and result delivery. Subsurface Insights staff has experience with and is knowledgeable about a broad range of geophysical and in situ sensors as well as different sensor platforms and can propose integrated and efficient software and hardware solutions which are tailored to user needs. Please contact us for a more in depth description of our capabilities and to discuss your needs.