Electrical Resistivity Primer

OutlineMotivationGeophysical ImagingSubsurface Electrical PropertiesThe Electrical Resistivity MethodSurveys and Data DisplayTimelapse Electrical Resistivity


March 2008 injection Electrical resistivity data can be collected in many different ways. One can have electrodes deployed on the surface of the earth, electrodes deployed in boreholes, electrodes deployed along a 2D line or in a 3D grid and electrodes towed behind a boat or a vehicle. Historically (until about the mid 1990s) data were collected either in single boreholes (primarily for oil and gas exploration) or using 2D surface arrays in modes commonly known as profiling or sounding. Since the mid 1990s many new modes of acquisition have been developed as a result of both increased in instrumentation capability and expanding interests in using electrical resistivity methods.