Electrical Resistivity Primer

OutlineMotivationGeophysical ImagingSubsurface Electrical PropertiesThe Electrical Resistivity MethodSurveys and Data DisplayTimelapse Electrical Resistivity

Primer Contents

This primer consists of seven sections. Details on what these sections contain are provided below. Each section is divided in several pages, each of which covers one topic in the section. Navigation through sections and pages is described here.

The sections are Outline, Motivation, Geophysical Imaging, Subsurface Electrical Properties, The Electrical Resistivity method, Surveys and data displays, and Timelapse Electrical Resistivity. In the first section (Outline) the objective and contents of the primer are provided. This section also contains acknowledgements, disclaimers and similar elements.

In the next section (Motivation) the need for subsurface information which motivates the use of geophysics is discussed. This section also provides a high level description of some key attributes of non invasive imaging methods.

In the next section (Geophysical Imaging) different aspects of geophysical imaging are discussed in more detail.

In the next section (Subsurface Electrical Properties) some details are provided on electrical properties of the subsurface, and the relationship between common soil properties and electrical properties.

In the next section (The Electrical Resistivity method) details are given on basic concepts, instrumentation, data acquisition and processing for the electrical resistivity method.

In the next section (Surveys and data displays) details are given on surveys, commonly encountered acquisition geometries and data display.

In the final section (Timelapse Electrical Resistivity) a description is given of the timelapse electrical resistivity method - both what it entails, and how to decide whether it is appropriate to use for a specific site.

Note that in addition to the material provided in this primer this website also contains a section which describes an Department of Defense (DoD) ESTCP funded demonstration/validation effort of electrical geophysical monitoring at the Brandywine site in Brandywine, MD. as well as a page which has links to external resources on electrical geophysics.