Electrical Resistivity Primer

OutlineMotivationGeophysical ImagingSubsurface Electrical PropertiesThe Electrical Resistivity MethodSurveys and Data DisplayTimelapse Electrical Resistivity


The primer is divided into seven sections. Each section has several pages. The pages associated with a specific section become visible once that section has been selected and becomes the current section.

The currently section and page within that section are indicated by the colour in the top and bottom bar.

The section navigation bar is the top bar. The page navigation bar is the bottom bar. Navigation to other pages on the Subsurface Insights website is done through the links in the blue bar at the top of the webpage.

navigation screenshot

Navigation between sections is done by clicking on the section name in the top bar. Navigation within a section is done by clicking on the page name in the bottom bar.

When users switch to a new section they always come to the summary page in that section. The summary page gives an overview of the content in the selected section.