Our solutions

Subsurface Insights provides three different solutions. Dependent on client needs these solutions can be provided in a standalone fashion or in an integrated manner. In addition to these solutions Subsurface Insights offers custom consulting related to subsurface modeling and imaging.

Electrical Resistivity Monitoring can provide unique information about subsurface processes. 

Subsurface Insights provides a comprehensive solution for electrical resistivity monitoring which makes it easy to deploy this capability on your site.

Reactive transport modeling can provide key insights in the dynamics of subsurface processes. 

Subsurface Insights provides turnkey reactive transport modeling capabilities which accurately model biogeochemical processes and provide customers with the ability to rapidly evaluate different  scenarios.

Collecting large amounts of data on the subsurface from either public sources or site specific sensors is relatively easy. However, effectively using this data can be challenging.

Subsurface Insights provides a robust cloud based data management and site performance monitoring  framework which integrates heterogeneous data from different sources and gives users rapid insights in site behavior.