Our System

Our system consists of cloud based software for site monitoring and associated autonomous electrical geophysical monitoring hardware. Right now the hardware is only provided to some of our collaborators while we finalize the automated data processing flows for the hardware. We expect the hardware to be generally available in the Summer of 2020.

Our software is cloud based, so users interact with it through a browser, our mobile app or through APIs. Our software is not open source, but through our projects we have contributed to open source software which we use extensively, and we are considering making some components open source.

For modeling we use the open source code PFLOTRAN and the associated PyFLOTRAN utility. We use PEST for parameter estimation. More recently we have started our capabilities with the DOE developed KBASE cloud base environment for systems biology.

We can interact and pull data from a wide range of commercial data acquisition systems. We also have implemented APIs to pull data from a range of state and federal data sources. This allows us to rapidly get project data online.

As part of our system we provide a whole number of analytical capabilities natively. If customers have any specific codes or requirements for data analytics we can generally implement that into our software stack fairly quickly.

While our overall software stack is the same for all projects, different capabilities are exposed for different projects based on data and project needs. If you are interested to find out more please contact us for an in depth description and discussion.