Cloud based Data Management and Site Performance  Monitoring

It is increasingly easy to collect data at your site – but increasingly hard to keep track of this data and get real time information on  what this data is telling you. Common challenges include dealing with sensors and platforms from multiple vendors,  how to integrate data from public sources, how to keep track of samples and sample results and how to effectively use collected data in analytics and modeling efforts.

Subsurface Insights offers robust and comprehensive cloud based data management and site performance software. The foundation of this software is a powerful data model which allows storage of all data from your site. Automated pipelines  harvest, ingest and validate data from a range of different sources. The integrated data is  directly available through a robust webinterface which provides rich visualization capabilities. Customizable analytical pipelines give you near real time information. In addition, all data and analytical tools are accessible through a secure API which allows for easy integration with your existing software stack.  

Contact us today to set up a free demo (using public data) for your site and find out how our data management solution can help you.