Electrical Resistivity Monitoring Primer

Additional Resources

There are numerous resources on the web providing information on electrical resistivity. 

Some links are provided below  to different resources related to electrical resistivity. The links will redirect you outside the Subsurface Insights website. Subsurface Insights has no control over these external pages. If you have suggestions on adding to these resources please contact us.

Applications of electrical resistivity monitoring

Timelapse electrical resistivity  has been used for numerous applications and continues to gain in popularity. This is shown by the graph below which shows the steadily increasing number of publications per year. As can be seen from Google Scholar this includes  thousands of papers on electrical resistivity monitoring since 2021. The links below  are provided as suggested starting points for reading how electrical resistivity monitoring has been used for different applications. However, numerous other papers for all applications of  electrical resistivity monitoring can readily be found. If you have suggestions for adding to this list please contact Subsurface Insights

Graph showing the number of publications on Google Scholar who match "timelapse electrical resistivity"