Our mission: provide capabilities which give actionable information on the critical zone

The critical zone (a term introduced by the National Science Foundation in 2001) is the thin layer of ¬†Earth’s surface that extends from the top of the tree canopy to the base of weathered bedrock. The critical zone provides most of the ecosystem services on which society depends (hence the term critical).

Hydrogeological, geochemical, and biological processes in the critical zone occur across a range of temporal and spatial scales and across bedrock-through-canopy compartments. Actionable knowledge on these processes is needed by different stakeholders and for many applications including agriculture, water resource management, remediation and civil engineering.

The mission of Subsurface Insights is to develop and provide capabilities which provide different stakeholders actionable, application specific information on what happens in the critical zone.  We do this through a number of technologies, including our in house developed geophysical hardware, turnkey reactive transport modeling and cloud based data management. Our capabilities have been developed (and continue to be enhanced) through close collaboration with premier research institutions in the US and abroad.

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