Subsurface Insights provides different software resources to interact with our hardware and software. Details on these are provided below.

Software APIs

Subsurface Insights exposes data and functionality through Software APIs. There are multiple APIs – both internal ones used within our system to support overall functionality, and external ones which can be used by authorized users.These APIs are associated with different endpoints. The most common use for these APIs will be in programmatic interaction with our system. One example would be where a user wants to do a sensitivity analysis for different arrays.

This could be done programmatically by having a jupyter notebook which does the following

– Create different sequences and save them locally with easy to understand names

– Upload the named sequence to the IOT server

– Asks for the sequence to be collected once by the field system

– When the sequence has been collected, retrieve the data from the IOT Server

– Process the data using e.g. Pygimli or E4D

– Compare and quantify the results in terms of resolution

For this, Subsurface Insights provides an open source python library which allows users to interact with their system.

This library can be found at This library also contains a basic example. Other examples can be provided as needed.  Note that code can either be run in the form of standard python script or in the form of jupyter notebooks.

Mobile App

Subsurface Insights provides a mobile app which allows users to interact with our hardware. This app only runs on systems (such as tablet and phones) which run Android. The app should be downloaded on a tablet.

On a tablet, click on this link and download and then install the APK. You may need to allow the tablet to install the app. Note that users need appropriate credentials to use the app.