August 2023:  Subsurface Insights staff will present an invited paper on geophysical monitoring at the IMAGE 2023 meeting in Houston,

May 2023: Roelof Versteeg will present projects from Subsurface Insights at the 2023 DOE ESS PI Meeting

February 2023: Subsurface Insights was selected for  a DOE Phase I SBIR project titled “Non-Contact, Low-Cost, Stage and Velocity Sensors for Monitoring Urban Streamflow”.

February 2023: Subsurface Insights and its Dutch partner Metinco completed the installation of 2 ERT systems for ILVO in Belgium. These systems will be used to monitor soil moisture dynamics.

June 2022: Roelof Versteeg was a coauthor on a paper in JGR Biogeosciences titled Sulfur Biogeochemical Cycling and Redox Dynamics in a Shale-Dominated Mountainous Watershed

May 2022: Subsurface Insights had a presentation and a booth  at the 2022 Battelle Chlorinated Conference.

May 2022: Roelof Versteeg was a coauthor on a paper in the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology titled Estimating Biofuel Contaminant Concentration from 4D ERT with Mixing Model

November 2021: Rebecca Rubinstein from Subsurface Insights published a paper in Bioinformatics titled “ORT: a workflow linking genome-scale metabolic models with reactive transport codes”

October 2021: Subsurface Insights and LBNL won the Bayer organized Rootscanner competition

July 2020: Subsurface Insights was selected as the Department of Energy SBIR/STTR company for 2019