April 2024: Subsurface Insights will have a booth at the biennial Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge on April 3-6 in Tucson Arizona.

February 2024: Subsurface Insights is sponsoring and will attend the Agrogeo24 meeting at the ETH Zurich on February 1 and 2. 

January 2024: Subsurface Insights was awarded a Phase I SBIR from the Department of Energy SBIR Program. The title of the SBIR is “Data fusion and analysis tools to enable machine learning for systems biology and bioenergy”. In this SBIR (for which Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is a subcontractor) Subsurface Insights will develop software tools to fuse and analyze multimodal biofuel crop data. These software tools will be developed using an open source approach. See here for more details on this project and how to possibly participate. 

December 2023: Subsurface Insights presented a paper and a poster at the 2023 AGU meeting in San Franciso. The paper was titled “Automating processing and web based visualization of timelapse electrical resistivity data through the use of cloud based containerized workflows”. The poster was titled “Non Contact Measurement of Stage and Velocity for Urban Hydrology Characterization”.

November 2023: Subsurface Insights presented a paper at the  2023 REMPLEX meeting held at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA. The paper was titled ” An Open-Source Information Model and Associated Cyberinfrastructure for Effective Environmental Management and Analytics” A recording of the presentation can be found here.

August 2023:  Subsurface Insights staff presented an invited paper on geophysical monitoring at the IMAGE 2023 meeting in Houston.

June 2023: Subsurface Insights released ODMX as open source on github.  ODMX is a geoscience centric information model and an associated cyberinfrastructure (see here for more details). ODMX is based on the NSF funded ODM2 information model. 

May 2023: Roelof Versteeg presented projects from Subsurface Insights at the 2023 DOE ESS PI Meeting

February 2023: Subsurface Insights was selected for  a DOE Phase I SBIR project titled “Non-Contact, Low-Cost, Stage and Velocity Sensors for Monitoring Urban Streamflow”.

February 2023: Subsurface Insights and its Dutch partner Metinco completed the installation of 2 ERT systems for ILVO in Belgium. These systems will be used by the HYDRAS project to monitor soil moisture dynamics.  This youtube video provides details on HYDRAS, and shows the Subsurface Insights system.

June 2022: Roelof Versteeg was a coauthor on a paper in JGR Biogeosciences titled Sulfur Biogeochemical Cycling and Redox Dynamics in a Shale-Dominated Mountainous Watershed

May 2022: Subsurface Insights had a presentation and a booth  at the 2022 Battelle Chlorinated Conference.

May 2022: Roelof Versteeg was a coauthor on a paper in the Journal of Contaminant Hydrology titled Estimating Biofuel Contaminant Concentration from 4D ERT with Mixing Model

November 2021: Rebecca Rubinstein from Subsurface Insights published a paper in Bioinformatics titled “ORT: a workflow linking genome-scale metabolic models with reactive transport codes”

October 2021: Subsurface Insights and LBNL won the Bayer organized Rootscanner competition

July 2020: Subsurface Insights was selected as the Department of Energy SBIR/STTR company for 2019