Resistivity instruments designed and optimized for monitoring

Subsurface Insights offers US manufactured electrical resistivity instruments which are designed and optimized for monitoring. These instruments are fully autonomous and can be powered using solar panels and a deep cycle battery. Instruments communicate with a dedicated Subsurface Insights IOT server using either Wifi, 4G or Starlink.  

As our systems are designed for  monitoring our instruments are generally extremely price competitive compared to instruments from other vendors. Contact us for a no obligation quote

Data  from our instruments is automatically uploaded to the cloud, managed, analyzed and processed. Data and results are available to users within minutes of data acquisition completion. Users can access instruments, data and results through a powerful webinterface or through a secure API. Technical specifications of our instruments are provided below.

Pricing model

Users purchase our instruments (leases are also possible) and then pay a yearly per instrument subscription cost for our cloud based cyberinfrastructure. This cloud based cyberinfrastructure has all capabilities necessary for standard 4D ERT monitoring. Users can also purchase other capabilities a la carte such as advanced processing, integrated modeling and data analytics and reporting as well as ingestion and management of other project data.

Contact us today to obtain more information on these systems and the associated cyberinfrastructure and  to discuss if these systems would meet your objectives.

Multi channel resistivity system deployed in the field



Technical specifications

– Single channel, multi electrode systems. Max number of electrodes/system over ten thousand/system

– 8-150 W power needed during acquisition. Sleep mode needs less than 10 mW.

– Time domain and frequency domain measurements possible in addition to standard ERT

– 24 Bit ADC (<1 µV precision)

– Can be provided with connectors for existing multi electrode cables or with custom cables and connectors

– Remote diagnostics and health status monitoring and reporting

– Field repairable units 

– Communication using Wifi, 4G or Starlink

– Customizable enclosures

Open source python API for system control allows users to control acquisition and retrieve data using Python either interactively or programmatically

– Fully integrated with a cloud based cyberinfrastructure and our open source ODMX data management platform which allows for managing and accessing auxiliary data