Subsurface Insights: Providing a Comprehensive Solution For Electrical Resistivity Monitoring

Electrical resistivity monitoring (see here for a detailed primer) has been conclusively demonstrated to provide valuable information for a broad range of different applications. These include below-ground phenotyping, cryosphere research, land slide monitoring, ground water management, in situ remediation, and numerous civil infrastructure applications. 

Many organizations who require actionable information on subsurface processes have found that electrical resistivity monitoring is challenging to implement in an effective and economical manner using in-house expertise.

Subsurface Insights provides a comprehensive solution for electrical resistivity monitoring which allows organizations to focus on how to use the information provided by these systems rather than on technical implementation. Our solution include autonomous hardware and cloud based cyberinfrastructure which gives real time result access. 

Step by step implementation of an electrical resistivity monitoring effort

The first step that potential users should take is decide whether electrical resistivity monitoring makes sense for their project given the application,  questions on subsurface processes, site specifics and budget (see here for a discussion of cost elements). This can to some extent be determined from looking at this list of publications of different  applications , however in most cases it is easier to contact Subsurface Insights and set up a free call.. 

If an initial decision indicates that  4D ERT may make sense the next step could be a feasibility assessment/scenario modeling effort using coupled reactive transport and geophysical modeling codes. This would be followed by site specific cable and electrode layout design, and the delivery (generally within two-three months of ordering) of cables and the resistivity instrument.

Following cable and instrument deployment Subsurface Insights provides assistance with system performance testing and selection of optimal acquisition sequences. Once the system is installed and powered up data is collected automatically and autonomously, and transmitted to our cloud based cyberinfrastructure for  data management, analysis and processing.

Our focus is to  provide organizations access to  the benefits provided by electrical resistivity monitoring. Our ongoing collaborations with premier scientists in the research community ensures that our customers always have access to the latest innovations in electrical resistivity monitoring.

Contact us today to find out whether electrical resistivity monitoring makes sense for your site and to find out how Subsurface Insights can help you meet your objectives.